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Test Automation Feasibility Evaluation

Select and prioritize which manual processes are best candidates for automation and know how to minimize the effort it will take to maintain them.


Questcon's Test Automation Feasibility Evaluation helps organizations determine if an application or group of applications are suitable for automation.  Before purchasing automation tools or hiring resources to implement automation, ensure you understand the ROI on automating the testing of applications as well as the potential pitfalls and obstacles to success.

The Feasibility Evaluation will answer key questions such as: Are the existing manual processes stable enough to automate? Are the targeted applications suitable candidates for automation? What level of return can be expected?


  • Establishes well developed short and long term goals for automation across applications
  • Ensures your application(s) are appropriate candidates for test automation
  • Identifies potential obstacles of automating the application(s) and how to overcome them.
  • Provides the basis for developing a justifiable ROI. And prioritizes applications for  maximum ROI
  • Identifies gaps in manual test process that will hinder test automation
  • Create short-term, near-term, and long-term roadmap for test automation
  • Identifies at a high-level, which automation approaches would work best for the application(s)

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