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Test Automation Tools Evaluation

Questcon takes the guesswork and bias out of selecting the appropriate test tool by matching the unique requirements of your application with the right testing tool and making a solid recommendation.


Selecting the appropriate test tool is a difficult and critical decision. There are numerous tools available and each has unique capabilities. Matching the unique requirements of your application with the right testing tool can be a big challenge. Selecting the wrong tool can cost you software development organization unnecessary time and money. By helping you select the right tool for your needs, implementing the tool and ensuring that your testing strategy meets your unique organizational requirements, Questcon takes the guesswork and risk out of the picture.

Our experts have years of experience applying many of the tools found in the market placed today. These experiences led to the development of our QuestAssuredTM Tool Evaluation Methodology, which is used to determine important criteria that must be met with every software application slated for test automation.


  • Provides the client with expert advice regarding tool performance in their organization
  • Frees client resources to do normal work activities and not become bogged down in the tool selection process
  • Uses a defined and proven process for determining the client's needs, evaluating tools against those needs and providing the client with a solid tool recommendation.

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