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Test Automation - Software Testing Metrics

Most software test automation tools have components that are designed to track your testing metrics. Questcon will make sure you have the tool configured properly. Be sure you are tracking the things that matter most and offer the greatest return.


Most companies using automated software testing tools also have integrated test management software that kicks off the automated scripts, retrieves metrics and tracks defects. Yet, we find the most difficult aspect for them is setting up the information correctly. It's at the beginning of the implementation that accuracy is crucial. Done right, it allows you to retrieve incredibly valuable metrics, in meaningful and actionable reports.


  • Provides a practiced automation specialist to assist you with the implementation of the test management software
  • Ensures your integrated test management software is configured correctly the first time (or corrected if you are currently having reporting issues)
  • Ensures you can retrieve critical information in useable, meaningful reports
  • Allows the company to optimize its efficiencies and drop the savings to the bottom-line.

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