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Test Automation Assessment

Determine the current state of your testing process, environments involved and data approach. Get a recommendation for an automation framework best suited for the application.


Questcon's Test Automation Assessment is a comprehensive service that helps organizations answer key questions before undertaking Test Automation. Those questions include:

  • Are the existing manual processes stable enough to automate?
  • Are the targeted applications suitable candidates for automation?
  • What is/are the best automation approach(s) to use for the targeted applications?
  • Which automated tool will work best with the existing processes?
  • What level of return can be expected?
  • Will the automation baseline be maintainable given the organizations current efforts and resource skill sets?

Whether your organization is considering all these questions, or only a few of them, Questcon can tailor an assessment provides answers and assures greater success.


  • Provides a strategic approach that works with clients' existing process- instead of the tool dictating the process.
  • Provides a proven automation framework that is tailor to client's environment
  • Provides client with automation processes and standards
  • Decreases the time necessary to get up and running using test automation.
  • Ensures short-term and long-term IT strategies are considered.
  • Reduces maintenance time of the automation baseline as the application(s) become more complex through subsequent releases.

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