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Quality Assurance Training
Questcon Courses:

  1. QuestAssured® Test Metrics
  2. QuestAssured® Test Management
  3. QuestAssured® TestMethodology
  4. QuestAssured® Intro to QA
  5. QuestAssured® Intro to Requirements

Technical expertise is valuable. Practical expertise is priceless. Built on years of observed successes and best practices, Questcon delivers one of the most complete quality assurance training curriculums for those seeking to develop practical and highly effective skill sets. Our instructors are the same thought leaders who deliver value to our clients every day. Learn from leaders. See our Course Schedule for details on courses and dates.


Do you want to give your test department an extra edge? But you're not ready for full-blown QA and test process improvement activities? Is your "test team" really business users that have never been trained how to test effectively and efficiently?  If so, Questcon's quality assurance training and testing courses can raise the effectiveness of your test organization with minimal downtime.

Any of the following groups will benefit from Questcon's QA and testing courses:

  • Business users who double as testers during a new application release. Users know what the system is supposed to do, but do they really know how to test effectively, focusing on the areas that are the biggest risk? (Test Methodology AND Intro to QA & Testing)
  • Business analysts who perform software testing (Test methodology AND Intro to QA & Test).
  • Test team members requiring a refresher on effective testing methods and techniques. (Test Methodology)
  • Test teams members that come from varied background with varied methods of testing. Questcon's courses can place everyone on the same page. (Test Methodology)
  • New Test Managers (Test Management)
  • Business users, analysts or anyone responsible for writing requirements. (Intro to Requirements Management)
  • Project Managers and Test Managers who want to continuously improve and gain better insight into software development efficiency and test execution. (Test Metrics)

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