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QA & Test Assessment

Most projects that fail do so before they are ever deployed. A Quality Assurance Assessment gives an independent view of how effective your development processes are. A Test Assessment will increase your efficiency and effectiveness of software testing allowing you to capture the defects that matter most, yielding the greatest savings.


Built on a foundation of time proven practices, our software QA & Test Assessment will greatly improve the way you develop software. Our Cost Benefit Analysis will identify, prioritize and justify the best process changes for your specific needs. You'll clearly understand your options and have the return on investment data necessary to move forward.

A software QA & Test Assessment is divided into three phases, allowing Questcon to pinpoint and recommend areas of strength to be replicated, as well as areas for improvement.

  • Investigation- Questcon begins by identifying a client contact that can arrange interviews with key client personnel, helping us to baseline processes, technical environment, and culture.
  • Analysis- Questcon consultants review their findings and sample client work products, looking for common themes, issues and concerns.  A formal Gap Analysis is then performed, comparing the client organization(s) against the QuestAssuredTM Baseline of over 100 best practices in four major categories (Organizational, Project Management, Software Development, and Testing).
  • Recommendations- Questcon consultants create the assessment deliverables and work closely with the client to review the costs, benefits, and most importantly the fit and potential acceptance of all suggestions.


  • Provides the client with an impartial and objective view of their current test organization, environment and processes
  • Identifies strengths and gaps within the test process, as well as earlier in the development lifecycle.
  • Defines specific recommendations for improvement, implementation timeline, and the resources required.

Download service scope sheet 


Cost Benefit Analysis

Software Quality Assurance (QA) delivers real savings to client organizations. Our
Cost Benefit Assessment (CBA) service demonstrates the potential benefits gained from implementation of specific Quality Improvement recommendations. We work with your organization to determine the goals you want to achieve from improved QA processes and define and research the key metrics (tangible and intangible) required to perform the CBA. These benefits are then compared to the expected cost of implementation for each recommendation. Questcon then recommends only those process changes where costs can be easily justified by the potential benefits of implementation.

Download service scope sheet