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Process Improvement

Process Improvement is the key to effective and efficient software development. Questcon assures the right processes are properly installed and maintained, resulting in perpetual benefits for our clients. The Accelerated Improvement service includes:

QA Management Best Practices

Only a very small percentage of software projects arrive on budget, on time. The odds are stacked heavily against you. Questcon has built the most comprehensive set of QA Best Practices in the industry. Practices that deliver immediate results and perpetual value. Let the mistakes of others drive your success.

QA Methodology

Simply put, a software QA methodology is the set of rules and practices used to create superb programs. The right methodology assures the software does what it's supposed to do, in the most efficient manner. Questcon can assure the best methodologies, based on a proven process we've used successfully over countless projects.

Test Measurement & Metrics

Software test metrics are the only objective means to determine process effectiveness. Many organizations waste time and money tracking the wrong metrics. Questcon defines which key software development processes can be objectively measured and develops a plan for the base information to be tracked, who will track it and when.