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Education and Certification sets the foundation for maximum return on technology investments. Questcon offers a complete curriculum for all Mercury Quality Center Offerings. Whether you need certification in QuickTest Professional, WinRunner or TestDirector, Questcon provides leading edge knowledge, combined with years of practical experience. See below for details on courses we offer:

1.  Using QuickTest Professional -

This core course provides a comprehensive understanding of using QuickTest Professional 9.0 as an automated functional testing tool for different environments. You will use QuickTest Professional’s graphical point and click interface to record and play back tests, add syncronization points and verification steps, as well as create multiple action tests. You will build upon fundamental topics by using debug tools to troubleshoot tests and use additional checkpoints and product options to broaden the scope of business processes that can be automated. Once tests are created, you will discover and correct common record and play back problems. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises that are based on real-life examples.

2.  Advanced QuickTest Professional

Take your functional test automation skills to the next level by learning to use the Expert View in QuickTest Professional. Through discussions and hands-on-excercises, you will learn to create steps that work with dynamic objects and data , use VBScript conditional and looping statements to control the flow of your tests and components, and use DataTable methods and database connection obects to retrieve extenal data.

3.  Using Quality Center  - 

This hands-on course discusses the process-based functionality of TestDirector 9.0. The course covers how to manage quality information throughout the development cycle, construct and organize requirements, create and execute test sets, monitor defects, and use graphs and reports to track the success of a project.

4.  QC:  Project Planning & Customization -

 This course covers the tasks that are performed by site administrators, project managers, and Quality Assurance leads to set up Quality Center projects before users can work with requirements, test cases, and defects. This hands-on course focuses on planning, creating, and customizing Quality Center projects. It is an important course for people involved in creating projects, modifying existing fields, creating user defined fields, creating users, setting user permissions, and defining basic workflow.

5.  Using WinRunner -

WinRunner records user actions and application responses to create scripts that can be used as automated tests. This course teaches the fundamentals of creating and enhancing automated test scripts. After completing this course, students will be able to use WinRunner to automate functional and regression tests.

6.  Advanced WinRunner -

Advanced WinRunner teaches students to use programming and troubleshooting techniques to enhance their automated test scripts to achieve greater test coverage for their applications.

For more information on Questcon Training, please contact Gina Turner at (888) 339-0600 Ext 6302. or via E-mail at