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Jump-start Training

In order to accelerate deployment of the improvement process, we believe it is crucial to get everyone in the organization on the same page, properly aligned and prepared. To do so, Questcon creates and delivers a custom client-tailored education plan for process improvement.


Training is an integral part of any process improvement implementation.  In fact, we believe it is crucial to get everyone involved in the process changes on the same page, properly aligned and prepared.  With Questcon's Jump-start Training, the client can benefit from standard or customized courses in areas such as requirements management, testing, test management, test automation, and many others.


  • Provides client resource training in areas impacted by process improvement changes, before the changes are implemented.
  • Defines and explains standards for use across the organization.
  • Increases the likelihood of successful process changes by ensuring that everyone involved understands how to implement them.

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