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Test Automation Implementation

We work with your test team to implement our award-winning TestExcelerator® Automation framework, including setting up the environment, data approach and framework (data-driven, module, key-word and database approaches).


Over time, a more advanced test automation framework will reduce the total number of scripters required to maintain the automation baseline. At the same time, a more advanced framework requires an initially larger workload to create all of the automated scripts from the multitude of manual test cases.

Despite the evident payback of advanced automation, it may be daunting to some companies to allocate the necessary resources required to develop the large number of automation scripts.  Often firms mistakenly assign writing the automation scripts to the testers, but creating correct initial automation scripts for advanced frameworks requires more development expertise than testing expertise. Even when companies have the right skill sets within their companies, those resources are often dedicated to existing projects.

For most companies it's a struggle of trial and error- it's no wonder that so many automation efforts get shelved, costing companies considerable expense in lost efficiencies.


  • Provides a knowledgeable team of automation experts to get your automation effort ramped up more quickly than going it alone.
  • The project is treated as a true development effort, as test automation should be treated
  • Client can keep existing resources productive on ongoing assignments rather than slowing or delaying other development efforts
  • If chosen as an option, client can incorporate one of its own key resources, providing a more rapid transition of ownership for the automation baseline

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