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Test Automation Framework Design & Development

Questcon's award-winning* TestExcelerator® Framework Design and Development services


One of the most important components of a successful automation effort is the framework. The right automation framework ensures minimal script maintenance for subsequent releases. The one time investment in creating the appropriate framework will continuously yield less time in maintaining it during new releases of the application (a recurring event over the life of the system).

There are five popular frameworks in use today.

  • Record and Playback - the least complex, but highest maintenance and not recommended except for the simplest applications
  • Data-Driven
  • Modular
  • Keyword Driven
  • Database - the most complex, but lowest extended maintenance possible

Questcon's award-winning* Framework Design and Development services will ensure you implement the framework best suited for your particular application.


  • Provides a strategic framework approach that reduces maintenance time of the automation baseline as the application(s) become typically more complex with subsequent releases.
  • Our TestExcelerator® framework considers the unique needs and attributes of the client's application.
  • Decreases the amount of time required to implement a successful automation effort.
  • Ensures both short-term and long-term software development, test and overall IT strategies are considered.

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