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Boot Camp

Education & Mentorship

Training and mentoring services delivered by leading industry experts, tailored to meet your unique needs- on site or at our facilities.

In a world of rapidly evolving technology and constant business shifts, the need for a highly skilled workforce is more important than ever. Investing in software QA and test skills and certification offers the promise of huge paybacks in the value of software produced. And while technical competence is valuable and available from most any source, practical expertise is invaluable and available only from Questcon.

Real World Perspective.

It's what makes Questcon different than all the other sources you might consider. We don't rely on facilitators to deliver our courses. Our instructors are the same thought leaders that have been delivering practical value to our clients for years. In short, we can deliver leading edge technical knowledge combined with practical wisdom and experience. That means your staff is able to contribute meaningful results more rapidly than through any other source.

Methodology Based.

Every course we offer is built on the foundation of our QuestAssured® Methodology. Years of observed best practice are embedded throughout our curriculum. This way, students learn proven processes that can be leveraged in project after project.

Solutions that Fit

Questcon offers a broad range of courses. Whether you need to train just one or hundreds of people in short order, we can create a solution that fits best for your company's needs.

Personal Growth

Investing in the growth of your people is one of the simplest ways to foster loyalty and avoid costly turnovers. An investment in a Questcon Education will deliver lifelong professional value and go far toward achieving those goals.

Education & Mentorship Services

Questcon Courses

Built on years of observed successes and best practices, Questcon delivers one of the most complete curriculums for those seeking to develop practical and highly effective skill sets. Our instructors are the same thought leaders who deliver value to our clients every day. MORE

Mercury Courses

Questcon offers a complete curriculum for all Mercury Quality Center Offerings. Whether you need certification in QuickTest Professional, WinRunner or TestDirector, Questcon provides leading edge knowledge, combined with years of practical experience.  MORE

Boot Camp

Need to get your team up to speed in a hurry? Need your business partners bought-in on the details and importance of world-class software development, QA and test? We bring our experts to you in your facilities and instantly educate your company on a host of topics, custom-fitted to your particular needs. MORE


Having the right resources readily available is crucial for the success of any project. Since 1991, our team of expert practitioners have helped clients assure success of their critical software initiatives. Our mentoring services instill the wisdom and expertise your organization and people require to perform well. MORE