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Modular Test Case Design Webinars

"Modular Test Case Design:  The Building Blocks of Reusable Tests" presented by Shaun Bradshaw, our Director of Quality Solutions and David Dang, our Director of Automation Practices.

Date:  04/09/09

Time:  11:00 (EST)

Duration:  75 minutes

The primary objective of this presentation is to discuss how to create modular test cases based on the analysis of available requirements, designs, and prototypes.  Attendees will learn about:

  •  The key differences between procedural and modular test cases
  • Analyzing requirements, designs, and the AUT to generate modularized tests
  • Developing modular test cases and constructing test scenarios using skeleton scripts
  • Utilizing and passing data in the modular test cases
  • Converting manual modular tests to automated modular tests

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For more information, please contact:

Thomas Murad at Questcon

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